Tahseen 4D

Dr. Hossam Tahseen

Dr. Hossam Tahseen is one of the pioneers of Plastic Surgery in the Middle East, have gained the experience and the knowledge of the revolutionary 4D Liposculpture from its inventor Dr. Alfredo Hoyos; the internationally renowned Liposculpture pioneer.

Before & After Results

Example photos of the fabulous results of 4D Liposculpture operation by Dr. Hossam Tahseen


VASER is the most advanced technology of removing body fats, it uses state of the art ultrasound technology which emits waves that gently break down fat cells before removing them. This way, you can have anything from a minor fat removal to a complete body transformation.

For both Women & Men

4D Sculpture is suitable for both gender, it combines surgery and art in an unparalleled fashion in the field of Liposculpting.

Tahseen 4D in the Media

Dr. Hossam Tahseen featured in media across the Middle East, more videos.

Liposculpture FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Liposculpture in Egypt and Middle East